Sms GateKeeper 2009 - Features

Following table containing feature list for application:

Features Standard
Price free
Sending messages through free gates X
Sending trusted paid messages X
Sending through SMTP X
Sending business cards X
Message send timing X
Sent messages storage X
Proxy servers support X
Contact storage with contact groups X
Contact web synchronization X
Sending to multiple number or number groups X
User profiles X
User signatures X
Sending through command line X
Scripting support X
Automatic update through internet X
Automatic update of definition files through internet X

Site news

7/4/2009 Sms GateKeeper 2009 and Sms GateKeeper Service 2009 applications was tested on Windows 7 RC and are fully functional on new system. more

9/15/2008 New version 3.0 of Sms GateKeeper 2009 product was deployed, full version is now available for free! more

9/14/2008 New presentation was launched on ASP.NET technology. more

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